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Professional Photography / Videography Studio Rental in Manhattan $60/Hr

Professional Photography/Videography Studio Rental in Manhattan $60/Hr

Are you a photographer in New York City seeking the perfect space to bring your creative projects to fruition? Look no further! At Tals Studio, we offer a versatile and fully equipped studio for rent, designed to meet all your photography needs and inspire your artistic vision.

With a space that is 18' x 18' x 14’, our studio provides ample room for your creative ideas to flourish. The space can be adapted to various photography styles, from portraits to fashion, products, and more.

Professional Photography/Videography Studio Rental in Manhattan $60/Hr BASIC LIGHTING PACKAGE: $35/Appointment 1 RF Remote Trigger (Canon, Nikon, SONY) 1 600W Strobe 1 C-Stand 1 Soft-box 2 Hours Minimum 27" iMac for Photoshop and Lightroom use and Wifi. Backgrounds may not touch the floor. If you would like the background to touch the floor for full body shots, there will be an additional charge of $10/ft. Book Online

For more information please feel free to call 646-300-2216

We look forward to working with you!


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