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In Loving Memory of Tal Levy

A few months back, Yoni Levy lost his oldest son to a car accident near....

Devastated by the loss, his career took a huge plunge and business tanked as he withdrew to process and deal with this tragic loss. He was loved by many and impacted many lives during his time here on earth.

Having never met Tal Levy, Yoni recounts all the great stories and memories from others as they constantly express how much they miss Tal.

In the loving memory of Tal Levy, Yoni decided to lay Y29 Studio to rest and reintroduce the space as Tal's Studio. Offering the same services and exciting new events we are excited to introduce throughout the coarse of the summer.

Yoni believes this will bring great blessings and good luck as he begins to rebrand and grow his business and photography.

As a Photographer he plans to kick it up a notch with his special lighting skills and creative approach.

Lover of motion, movement and art combing all of these elements to create captivating photos is something Yoni is passion about when behind the lens.

We invite you to check out Yoni Levys work as well as the space for events, headshots etc.

We look forward to having you!

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