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5 Things your Venue should always include

Tis' the season for party, party party!!

We are in the season of celebrating , graduations, baby showers bridal showers, gender reveals etc!

When out scouting awesome places to book, of course you have the specifics down to narrow down your search . There a few things you should keep in mind.

Cleanliness, amenities, time frame, service crew, etc.

We're here to give you the inside scoop on a few things you should always have included when finalizing the booking details with that dreamy loft spaces you've been eyeing.

  • Removable furniture

Essential for many events with organizers who would love to decorate with their own props and decorations. Usually many spaces are used for a variety of events. Being able to have some cool furniture to use or easily removable allows more options for your guest.

  • Storage

Atmosphere is everything and the more space the wouldn't want anything in the way of your way. Any extra place to store supplies, extra props etc.

  • Amenities Available

Wifi, TV, Speakers anything to make your event smooth as possible is a great plus when making a decision from a handful of of spaces you are choosing from.

  • Staff On-Site

To accommodate all your needs and necessities and god for bid there is an emergency, on site staff is definitely key when booking your venue space. For answers to your questions, rules etc.

  • Included Cleaning Services

Although this may include an extra fee, this will allow you more time for your event then spending your last hour rushing to clean up after your guest. Providing this service insures you'll have a great time with no hassles!

Book our affordable spacious studio today! Contact us to view the space and we will proudly any of your questions!

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